Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to the World of Ballet

Once a dancer; always a dancer. For all of you dancers out there, you will understand. Dance is my blood, my spirit, and my beating heart. Being a wife and now a mother I feel that I have the right mindset now to return to a company.

There is nothing that can quite explain the feeling of performing. I can still smell the theatre in my nose. I remember the feeling of the stage under my feet. The speakers busting out my queue to enter the stage. The feeling of flying across the stage in a grand zete. In a life of pain, I remember how being on stage made me fearless, confident, and made me feel beautiful. That's the person I want my daughter to know her mother as. Not working some random job, being an everyday no body. I want her to be proud of me and say "my mom is a professional ballerina. What's yours?"

Now the hard part.... paying for classes after getting the bills payed. LOL Let the fun begin

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  1. i know you'll get there jenn! and my goal is to someday see you perform!