Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Headed to Class!

Well, it's been a little while but I can finally get back into class tonight! I need it so badly. If I expect to get to where I want to go I've gotta bust my ass but I need classes to help out along the way. I went to a wedding this weekend. It was like a reunion of dancers from about 7 years ago. It was so nice to see everyone, meet a few new people. I have to say I felt a little out of place because it has been so long and I haven't been very social in the past year due to the baby. I hope that this new awakening of being out alone for a little while, classes, and work outs at home get me where I need to be. I can only hope and try to stay confident in myself. My soul is happy today and for that I am thankful!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My baby is 1!!

Wow!!! Elizabeth is 1. It is amazing how fast this year has gone. This time last year my life was changed and my eyes were opened. The little miracle that was placed in my arms helped to find out who I am, who I want to be, and they way things really are. It's amazing how in such a beautiful moment of seeing my daughter for the first time I knew I would die for her, do anything for her, love her unconditionally, and put her before myself no matter what. She helped to realize how much I love my husband, Chris. This wonderful man stood by my side through labor and my troubles post partum and stayed strong when I felt so weak. When the world forgot about me, he still did what he could to make me feel beautiful and loved. There isn't a soul in this world luckier than I am. My daughter and husband have given me a new drive, goal, and lust for life. Seeing the world through my daughters eyes in truely spectacular. To watch the studying, questioning, exciting, and loving gazes that come from her eyes melts my heart.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth Marie Gordon! Mommy and Daddy love you so very much and are so proud of the wonderful little miracle that you are!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where is the beauty?

I've been looking at so many photos lately. Looking for a place to take dance photos and get some head shots done. In looking for ideas, I see so many girls with such unique features that are so beautiful. I then look at myself in the mirror and I know I couldn't take pictures like that. I can't look that beautiful. I challenge any photographer to find beauty in me. I'm too wierd. My eyes just aren't right for a pretty picture. I don't have it.