Friday, April 9, 2010

A Leap of Faith!!!

So I took the first step in getting me on the path to career happiness. On Thursday, I drove to the studio to have a talk with my old director. Instead of asking for a position, I asked if I could audition for her in 2 months. I think it will help me be more confident and I hope that it looked good on my part. I stated my intentions on returning to school for Arts Management/studio operations and to start teaching dance again. The meeting went well and she agreed to let me auditoin for her in the near future.
So I guess the ball is now in my court. It is up to me to make it or break it. I now have to buckle down and get my butt back in shape. I hope that I meet and exceed her expectations and that I dont disappoint myself.
You never know what will happen if you dont take a leapof faith.