Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Food for the Soul!

Oh what a happy soul I am! So it has been some time since I have blogged. I really didn't have much happiness or motivation to write about. The tide has turned and things are finally looking up. So I'm currently teaching for 2 ballet studios and occassionally helping with rehearsals for a ballet company. I've been so busy with dance and working at the daycare I. For the first time in 8 years I feel normal.

At my daughter and my Mommy and Me class yesterday I was offered by one of the studios to do my own Nutcracker. Knowing what kind of a huge undertaking and expense it could be I recommended they talk to a particular ballet company about the performances next year. It meant so much to me that they have so much faith in me but as a good person I have the studio's best interests in mind.

In speaking with my former director and assisting in some rehearsals....my hopes have a chance of coming true. It's not an absolute definate yet but it seems like I will be able to perform Nutcracker this season. I'm so extremely excited to be performing again. I know I can't expect the same roles I used to perform but I in complete understanding of the reason. I can't wait to smell the theater and feel my soul take flight once again. Oh if I could only bottle the exhiliration of being on stage and sell it. The world would find peace, war would be abolished, and we would find ourselves a creative eutopia. LoL. Yes I am happy and I hope that this positive energy can stay for always.

SO ..... to my future company members.... Merde for the last show of Dracula and I hope to see you in rehearsal soon!

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  1. lol just to clarify....future company members is meant as my future fellow company members.