Sunday, November 7, 2010


I couldn't resist! lol ..... It's Nutcracker season. The chill in the air, the smell of the leaves, getting all wrapped up in tights and warm up gear and headed to rehearsal. God I LOVE IT!!!! So, I'm a member of the Atlantic City Ballet. I'm so happy. Even though I'm an apprentice for the time being. I'm once again doing what I love. I'll be dancing 2 roles that I've done in the past when I was much younger but hey.... I've got to get started again somewhere and I'll take what I can get. But I can't wait to be back in the theater. I may just start crying when I walk in the theater again. It's such an awesome feeling to me and a memory I hold so vivid in my mind. The depth of the feeling is just so strong and compelling and no words could possibly describe what it means to me. The first show is December 3. That's 26 more days until I get the chance to fly again!

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